Disposable solutions for all your clinical and sharps waste needs…

The containment, handling, transportation and disposal of medical waste is subject to stringent legislation. All producers have a legal obligation to ensure that their waste is handled and disposed of properly. Allfresh Washroom Services Ltd ensures that all procedures are undertaken in accordance with current UK and European Law.

The right approach

Here at Allfresh Washroom Services Ltd we take pride in offering our clients a full range of disposable solutions for all clinical and sharps waste all conforming to the new Environment Agency regulations Disposal of Sharps Waste and The Special Waste Regulations 1996.

With all three classifications now in force "special waste" is seen to be potentially more harmful to the environment.
As such this waste is now tracked more closely than either household or sanitary waste. An Environment Agency Consignment Note is therefore used by the Environment Agency to track each individual shipment and ensure that this is transported and disposed of correctly.

Allfresh Washroom Services Ltd will produce this note on your behalf and will ensure that this is completed correctly and logged with the Environment Agency. All our clients need do is ensure that any Category 3 sharps we collect are segregated and placed in the appropriate container.

Sharps disposal units

For needles, razors and scalpels. A comprehensive range of containers, including 5 litre, 11 litre and 22 litre sharps containers, for the safe collection and disposal of contaminated sharps and hazardous waste.