Safe and durable plastic containers for nappy disposal

These nappy disposal units provide a hygienic way to dispose of soiled nappies that contain harmful bacteria. The benefits of using these nappy bins is that they reduce odours and prevent cross contamination.

Key Features & BenefitsNappy bin containers, clinical waste disposal London South East and Essex

- Eliminates smells
- Locking lid ensures contents remain contained
- Modesty chute - no visibility of contents

Dimensions: H600 x W398 x D410mm
Capacity: 45L

Allthough this product is a hygienic way to dispose of nappy waste we recommend also having a large outside lockable wheelie bin to store clinical waste bags in between collections to eliminate smell and ensure the most hygienic storage of the waste.

You will be supplied with your own personal key to ensure waste is safely contained, our drivers have their own keys for these bins so they can collect waste without your assistance if necessary.

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